An ncurses-based MUD client scriptable with Scheme
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smudge is an ncurses-based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client scriptable with Scheme. It exists because I like MUDs, curses interfaces, and Lisp dialects. Since MUDs are text-based, a curses interface seems appropriate. I was also excited about the possible features I could implement with the power of Scheme. smudge is based on an older client known as mcl, although it shares no code whatsoever with it. I liked the general interface of mcl, but it wasn't ideal for me for several reasons:

  • mcl doesn't support terminal resizing; the windows are a fixed size. This is a mess in a tiling window manager.
  • mcl doesn't have regex scrollback searching.
  • I prefer Scheme over Perl/Python for scripting.
  • mcl is old, unmaintained, and won't build easily in modern Linuxes. In fact, I think it dropped off the internet recently.
  • mcl doesn't have automapping.
  • mcl was written in C++ and I prefer C.

smudge was created to address these issues and just generally be a fun project to me to work on. If someone else finds it useful in any way, that's just icing on the cake.


Note that the client is currently in super-alpha stage. It works fine for basic stuff, but there are chunks of functionality missing (notably auto-mapping). Feel free to mess with it at your leisure.

  • Basic MUD server/client interaction (DONE)
  • ANSI colors (DONE)
  • Terminal resizing support (DONE)
  • Scrollback support (DONE; one known issue)
  • Telnet command support (MOSTLY DONE)
  • Regex searching of the scrollback buffer (MOSTLY DONE)
  • Scheme interaction
    • Hooks for user input (aliases, backtracking, speedwalk) (DONE; see example mud.scm)
    • Hooks for MUD server data (triggers, yanking, recoloring, etc.) (NOT STARTED)
    • Customizable settings (NOT STARTED)
  • Key bindings
    • Set bindings in code (DONE)
    • Set bindings from Scheme (NOT STARTED)
  • Auto-mapping (NOT STARTED)
  • Mud Client Compression Protocol (MCCP) support (NOT STARTED)
  • Mud Extension Protocol (MXP) support (NOT STARTED)