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Docker Version History


Pretty much a complete rewrite to address many many issues.

  • Showdown swapped out for markdown-it
  • Pygments swapped out for highlight.js
  • Switch from SCSS to LESS for stylesheets
  • Uses more third-party modules where appropriate
  • Lots of dependencies updated
  • Breaking changes to some options as a result (e.g. colour schemes now follow highlight.js rather than Pygments)
  • Added support for LESS as a language
  • More complete markdown support with markdown-it
  • Bugfix: node >=4 would crash when including extras
  • Breaking change / improvement: anchor tags in output are now dasherized properly
  • Breaking change: relative links all get .html added automatically for cross-compatibility with, for example, viewing markdown files on GitHub
  • Proper LICENSE file included in source
  • Added global docker.js command in addition to docker (which may be eventually renamed/removed) because apparently containers are popular these days.


  • Improvements to handling of literals that shouldn't be matched for comments
  • Enable SCSS multiline comments (thanks again jasonseney)


  • Minor markup tweaks


  • Minor bugfix for jsDoc handling


  • Change sidebar loading in produced output to fire on DOMContentLoaded - thanks hhelwich
  • LiveScript syntax support, thanks to qgustavor.
  • Add option to ignore inline comments and only process multiline comments - thanks to jasonseney
  • Big pile of updates to jsDoc tag handling: alias some types, add default handler for unknown types, and escape HTML properly. Thanks ErisDS!


  • Purely a version bump because npm was having issues publishing 0.2.9


  • Use bundled version of Pygments (via pygmentize-bundled) and remove the setup scripts (thanks alexindigo)
  • Add cakefile filename parsed as CoffeeScript, and tweak Jade comments (thanks alinex)
  • Fix up section separators in languages without multiline comments (thanks tjbaron)


  • Warn if Pygments isn't installed
  • Changes to ID generation for headings to support extra characters and ensure IDs are unique (thanks to justan)


  • Add support for styl, jade, groove and gsp (thanks to mikkel)
  • Add support for languages without single-line comments (currently CSS and HTML)
  • Change white-space to pre-wrap


  • Fix a weird bug in SCSS parsing


  • Fix for file paths in windows (\ as a path separator broke things)
  • Throw errors on filesystem exceptions


  • Update watchr dependency
  • Tweaks to fileSearch extra


  • Lots of minor tweaks and improvements


  • Fixes for indented multiline comments and indented comments in CoffeeScript


  • Temporarily disable multiline comments in SASS and SCSS as /* can be used to open a single-line comment. Will reinstate when I have time to figure it out properly


  • Added --js and --css options to specify extra CSS and JavaScript files to include
  • Added optional -n flag to enable line numbers in output
  • Added "disable" value for sidebar to hide it completely
  • Added support for matching files by name rather than just extension (e.g. Makefile)
  • Added first two "extras" - optionally enable-able extras for the output
    • fileSearch: performs fuzzy-matching on file names to quickly jump to a file
    • goToLine: quickly jump to a line in the source. Currently only works if line numbers are enabled
  • Fixed some bugs in Markdown parsing
  • Improvements to indentation detection
  • Fixed bug where processing only updated files would result in an empty tree


  • Removed dependency on dox; wrote more concise version of jsDoc parser based on dox, but which handles headings correctly
  • Bugfixes for watch mode.


  • Bugfix: indented jsDoc was breaking.


  • Added support for VB.NET, ASP C# and ASP VB courtesy of peterhost


  • Added smarter handling of symbolic links, allowing for handling of dead links


  • Added language type detection from shebangs


  • Added -s option to specify default state of the sidebar
  • Added -x option to specify paths to exclude
  • Renamed tree to sidebar in some of the markup.


  • Windows compatibility
  • Resolve infinite loop problem when files aren't actually inside the source dir
  • A few minor typos


  • Fixed problem with comment delimiters being matched inside string literals


  • Added -w flag to watch a directory for changes (experimental). Not sure how useful it'll actually be, but it's cool.
  • Added -I switch to ignore hidden files
  • Fixed some rendering bugs for code blocks
  • Added automatic title generation for empty-looking files
  • Various styling tweaks


  • Added support for another pile more languages (added perl, php, actionscript, sh and yaml)
  • Ran embedded arrow images through pngcrush. Saved a load of bytes


  • Added support for different colour schemes
  • A few more improvements to showdown for GFM-style bits.


  • Minor improvements to code structure
  • Full comments on public script file


  • Added support for a pile more languages (now JS, coffeescript, ruby, python, C, C++, C#, Java and Markdown)
  • Tweaks to markdown (particularly, automatic linking of URLs and email addresses)


  • Added heading navigation within files


  • Added syntax highlighting to fenced code blocks that have a language specified


  • Minor improvements to store the scroll position of the folder tree


  • Added -u flag to only process files that have been updated


Initial version indcluded (among other things):

  • Folder tree
  • Syntax highlighting of javascript files
  • Markdown processing of .md files and extracted code comments