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#!/usr/bin/env node
// Require all node modules
var path = require('path');
var program = require('commander');
// Require [Docker](src/docker.js)
var Docker = require('./src/docker.js');
// Figure out PWD because it doesn't exist in process.env on windows.
var pwd = path.resolve('.');
var pkg = require('./package.json');
function list(val) {
return val.split(',');
// All program arguments using commander
.option('-i, --input_dir [dir]', 'Input directory (defaults to current dir)', pwd)
.option('-o, --output_dir [dir]', 'Output directory (defaults to ./doc)', path.join(pwd, 'doc'))
.option('-u, --updated_files', 'Only process files that have been changed')
.option('-c, --colour_scheme [style]', 'Colour scheme to use (see')
.option('-I, --ignore_hidden', 'Ignore hidden files and directories (those starting with . or _)')
.option('-w, --watch', 'Watch on the input directory for file changes (experimental)')
.option('-s, --sidebar [state]', 'Whether the sidebar should be open or not by default', 'yes')
.option('-x, --exclude [pattern]', 'Paths to exclude', false)
.option('-n, --line-numbers', 'Whether to include line numbers in output', false)
.option('-m, --multi_line_only', 'Whether to process only multi-line comments', false)
.option('--js <files>', 'Additional javascript files to include', list)
.option('--css <files>', 'Additional CSS files to include', list)
.option('--extras <extras>', 'Bundled extras to include, see extras dir', list)
// Super-simple function to test if ann argument is vaguely trueish or falseish.
// Should match `true`, `false`, `0`, `1`, `'0'`, `'1'`, `'y'`, `'n'`, `'yes'`, `'no'`, `'ok'`, `'true'`, `'false'`
function coerceSidebar(input) {
if (input === 'disable') return input;
if (input === true || input === false) return input;
if (typeof input === 'number' || (+input + '' === input + '')) return !!+input;
input = input.toString();
return input === '' ? true : /(y(es)?|ok|t(rue)?)/i.test(input);
// Put all the options into an object
var opts = {
inDir: program.input_dir,
outDir: program.output_dir,
onlyUpdated: program.updated_files,
colourScheme: program.colour_scheme,
ignoreHidden: program.ignore_hidden,
sidebarState: coerceSidebar(program.sidebar),
exclude: program.exclude,
lineNums: program.lineNumbers,
multiLineOnly: program.multi_line_only,
js: program.js,
css: program.css,
extras: program.extras
// Create docker instance
var d = new Docker(opts);
// If no file list is specified, just run on whole directory
if (program.args.length === 0) program.args = [ './' ];
// Set it running.
if ( {;
} else {