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Update with all of the exciting new stuff I finally merged.

Sorry everyone that some of these merges have taken so long for me to
get around to. I'm well aware docker has been a bit neglected recently.
I'm planning on picking up work on my v0.3 branch, which'll be a
substantial rewrite to swap Showdown for marked, Pygments for
highlight.js or atom/highlights, and other improvements like using toc
for heading linkerizing.
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jbt committed May 10, 2014
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# Docker Version History
## 0.2.11
* Change sidebar loading in produced output to fire on DOMContentLoaded - thanks [hhelwich](//
* LiveScript syntax support, thanks to [qgustavor](//
* Add option to ignore inline comments and only process multiline comments - thanks to [jasonseney](//
* Big pile of updates to jsDoc tag handling: alias some types, add default handler for unknown types, and escape HTML properly. Thanks [ErisDS](//!
## 0.2.10
* Purely a version bump because npm was having issues publishing 0.2.9

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ErisDS May 11, 2014


🎉 👯


ErisDS commented on 17f6234 May 11, 2014

🎉 👯

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