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Adding command for multi-line

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Jason Seney
Jason Seney committed Apr 23, 2014
1 parent fdd0107 commit c94c3c3063d0e9ca91024c8d30c9915c51dd529b
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@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ Available options are:
* `-I` or `--ignore_hidden`: Ignore files and directories whose names begin with `.` or `_`.
* `-w` or `--watch`: Keep the process running, watch for changes on the directory, and process updated files.
* `-s` or `--sidebar`: Whether or not the sidebar should be opened by default in the output (defaults to yes, can be yes, no, true, false). Value `disable` will disable the sidebar entirely in the output.
+ * `-m` or `--multi_line`: Process only multi-line comments. (Defaults to no)
* `-x` or `--exclude`: Comma-separated list of paths to exclude. Supports basic `*` wildcards too.
* `-n` or `--line-number`: Include line numbers in the output (default is off)
* `--js`: Specify a comma-separated list of extra javascript files (relative to the current dir) to include

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