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Optional Docker Extras

This directory contains optional files that can be enabled in Docker output

File stucture in this directory is incredibly simple: for a given extra name (e.g. extraName) create a directory with that name, and one single JavaScript and one CSS file for the extra (i.e. extraName/extraName.js, extraName/extraName.css). This format may change in the future to allow for multiple files or for extending the functionality of the Docker process itself, but this format will remain supported.

Current Extras


Fuzzy string-matching against file names. Once enabled, hit Ctrl/Cmd + P (à la Sublime Text 2) to bring up a search field, type some important characters that should be enough to identify a file, hit return and jump straight to the file. Alternatively, just start typing and the search field will automatically appear.


Simple option to quickly jump to a particular code line. Just hit Ctrl/Cmd + G and type a line number into the field to instantly jump to the given line. Currently this only works when the --line-numbers option is used, and only works for code lines (i.e. it won't allow you to jump to a line with a comment on it)

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