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ActiveMQ - Spring - Request - Reply

Simple test project to show how to queue objects in ActiveMQ (no-in-memory) with Spring. Also implemented a request-reply-functionality with temp-queues.

I wrote an article about this project:

Getting Started

  • Start ActiveMQ. The fastest way is probably as docker container:
docker run --name='activemq' -it --rm -P \ webcenter/activemq:latest

You can find the ActiveMQ-Dashboard under http://localhost:8161/admin with username and password admin. For production usage see to configure ActiveMQ.

curl -d '{"name":"Jacob","age":28}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:8081/add

The reply should look like this:

Produced successfully: {"name":"Jacob","age":28}

curl -X GET http://localhost:8081/get/0

The reply should look like this:

Received successfully: {"name":"Jacob","age":28}

  • Check the concoles of the projects for details of received and replyed messages.
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