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cd to...

Finder Toolbar app to open the current directory in the Terminal (or iTerm, X11)

  • It's written in objective-c, and uses the scripting bridge so it's fast.
  • It's also shell agnostic. Works equally well when your shell is bash or fish or tcsh.

By Jay Tuley


Download Latest

To install "cd" copy it from the appropriate sub-folder (iterm//x11_xterm/unsigned per your choice) to your Applications folder, and then from the applications folder drag it into the Finder toolbar (10.9 Mavericks requires ⌘ + ⌥) Be noted to drag from another finder window to toolbar being customised

To use, just click on the new button and instanly opens a new terminal window.

For old versions to use with iTerm or X11/xterm, using the finder contextual menu "show package contents" and exchange the plugins in the Plugin/Plugin Disabled folders respectively. Next time you run "cd to ..." it should open with the correct application.


Version 2.6

  • Fixed bug where get info window interferes
  • works on selected folder again
  • iTerm 2 plugin update

Version 2.5

  • Lion Version
  • Use terminal open apple event
  • works with tcsh as well as bash
  • New Icons

Version 2.3

  • Snow Leopard Version

Version 2.2

  • Clear Scroll-back on Terminal plugin (Thanks to Marc Liyanage for the original tip)
  • Fixed issues with special characters in file path bug that existed for Terminal and iTerm plugin
  • iTerm plugin will try to avoid opening two windows on iTerm launch
  • Leopard icon

Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed bug involving apostrophes in path
  • PathFinder plugin (Finder->Pathfinder) contributed by Brian Koponen

Version 2.1

  • Plugin archtexture allowing support for other terminals
  • Default plugins for iTerm & X11/xterm
  • Terminal plugin will try to avoid opening two windows on's launch

Version 2.0 (2005)

  • Ported to objective-c using appscript, boosting launch & execution speed
  • properly resolves aliases
  • no longer shows icon in dock on launch

Version 1.0 (2003)

  • targeted Panther OS X 10.3
  • was applescript

Pre 1.0 (2001) Really old applescript

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