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Prometheus exporter for Pgbouncer metrics.
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Pgbouncer exporter

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Prometheus exporter for Pgbouncer metrics.


Metrics are by default exposed on http server running on port 9127 under the /metrics path.

docker run \ 
  --detach \ 
  --env "DATABASE_URL=postgres://user:password@pgbouncer:6432/pgbouncer?sslmode=disable" \
  --publish "9127:9127" \
  --name "pgbouncer_exporter" \


All of the collectors are enabled by default, you can control that using environment variables by settings it to true or false.

Name Description Env var Default
stats Per database requests stats. EXPORT_STATS Enabled
pools Per (database, user) connection stats. EXPORT_POOLS Enabled
databases List of configured databases. EXPORT_DATABASES Enabled
lists List of internal pgbouncer information. EXPORT_LISTS Enabled
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