C port of Etsy's statsd
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Reimplementation of Etsy's infamous "statsd" in C.

Your mileage may vary. It works for me, and it should be wire compatible with the original node.js-based statsd.

There are some libraries used/included:

Build with cmake . && make. A simple client to submit data called "statsd_client" is built as well.


  • Wire compatible with original statsd, or use the handy JSON format instead...
  • Small, fast, efficient, with no VM overhead.
  • Able to de/serialize state to/from disk.
  • Direct stat flush to ganglia's gmond.


Usage: statsd [-hDdfFc] [-p port] [-m port] [-s file] [-G host] [-g port] [-S spoofhost] [-P prefix] [-l lockfile] [-T percentiles]
    -p port           set statsd udp listener port (default 8125)
    -m port           set statsd management port (default 8126)
    -s file           serialize state to and from file (default disabled)
    -G host           ganglia host (default disabled)
    -g port           ganglia port (default 8649)
    -S spoofhost      ganglia spoof host (default statsd:statsd)
    -P prefix         ganglia metric prefix (default is none)
    -l lockfile       lock file (only used when daemonizing)
    -h                this help display
    -d                enable debug
    -D                daemonize
    -f                enable friendly mode (breaks wire compatibility)
    -F seconds        set flush interval in seconds (default 10)
    -c                clear stats on startup
    -T                percentile thresholds, csv (defaults to 90)


Input can be specified as either a JSON object or an array of JSON objects. An example of some different inputs would be:

  • Increase counter 'test_counter' by 300:
  • Add two counters:
  • Add a counter with a set sample rate:
  • Set a timer: