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Welcome to the CDOT-Dashboard wiki!

We're developing a status dashboard for CDOT a la the Panic status board or Geckoboard. It will display activity metrics for the Processing.js, Popcorn, Butter, and Fedora ARM, as well as other widgets we find useful.


The dashboard will be running on a server capable of running PHP. Data and configuration will be stored in sqlite or JSON files. The dashboard server software will cache data, so that the services we're using do not get significant amounts of traffic.

Layout framework

The Layout framework will control the display and running of the various widgets we're developing.


This is a current list of widgets we're planning on developing for the dashboard:

Version 0.1 Overview (Due Tuesday May 10th)

  • Server running the dashboard with sample data and hardcoded configuration, dynamic data if possible.
  • See the Division of work for who's doing what


See http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/CDOT_Dashboard