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Portal CMS Project

A very simple yet powerful content management system website with easy theming following a 3 column design.

Make your website your own without touching a single line of HTML!

Demo at: http://beta.jbud.org/


This product is currently in early beta phase, use at your own risk!

Portal 2??

Yeah, it already exists! It is a complex re-write of portal 1, and serves a similar but far different purpose. A demo is available at http://beta.budzique.com/. The code is currently not available to public.

Portal 2's main ability is to be used by themers and people very good at writing their own sites. It's meant to be a universal back-end to a theme that is written from scratch. While the demo above is also 3 column design, the demo is just an adaptation to the original portal theme and can be made very differently.

More info

For more info on Portal 1 or 2, contact me at mailto:jbudorg@gmail.com