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<project name="Mojo" default="all" basedir=".">
<property name="PREFIX" value="." />
<property description="Folder for mojo and min target" name="dist" value="${PREFIX}/dist" />
<property description="Folder for mojo source" name="src" value="${PREFIX}/src" />
<property description="Folder for support libraries" name="support" value="${PREFIX}/support" />
<!-- all JS gets piped through YUI Compressor instead of Google Closure -->
<property name="COMPILER" value="build/yuicompressor.jar" />
<!-- Mojo Lite core -->
<property name="MOJO" value="${dist}/mojo.js.uncompressed.js" />
<property name="MOJO_MIN" value="${dist}/mojo.js" />
<target name="all" depends="init, compile, minify" />
<target name="init" description="Creates dist directory or execute any preconditions before compiling Joose and Mojo">
<mkdir dir="${dist}" />
<target name="compile" description="Compile all files in JavaScript">
<echo message="Gathering all Controllers within mojo core" />
<concat destfile="${MOJO}">
<fileset file="LICENSE" />
<fileset file="${support}/mustache.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Core.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Helper.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Messaging.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Model.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Request.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Controller.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Application.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/Service.js" />
<fileset file="${src}/ServiceLocator.js" />
<echo message="${MOJO} built." />
<target name="minify" depends="compile" description="Remove all comments and whitespace, no compression, great in combination with gzip">
<echo message="Minifying ${MOJO}" />
<java jar="${COMPILER}" fork="true" failonerror="true" maxmemory="256m">
<arg line="${MOJO} -o ${MOJO_MIN} --charset UTF-8 --preserve-semi" />
<echo message="${MOJO_MIN} built." />
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="${dist}" />