Structured JavaScript Microframework specifically for agency-style projects (structure but flexible, no forced paradigms)
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Mojo - JavaScript Microframework

Mojo is a lightweight structural JavaScript framework that has the ability to scale up and down based on how big your project is. In trying to keep the same structural essence of its predecessor, we're refactoring its core features into jQuery plugins.

jQuery is a great library that encompasses a plethora of helper methods (animation, DOM manipulation, network IO) but it doesn't reinforce the concepts of writing code with structural integrity or implementation silos. Having globally distributed software development teams, we found that using jQuery alone can quickly turn a project into a pile of spaghetti with developers hopping on and off the project.

The Mojo Initiative emerged to help distributed teams build web applications with a set of consistent APIs, implementation silos, loosely bound code, and structural integrity.

Build Status

Building From Source

  $ git clone && cd Mojo
  $ ant

Getting Setup

  1. git clone && cd Mojo
  2. use apache ant to build a compiled source: ant
  3. navigate to the /example to view the example code

app.js: Maps elements to Controllers

var app = mojo.create({ baseSrc: 'js/' });

  .configure('appSrc', 'js/')
  .configure('locale', 'en_US')                   // locale aware applications! (load different languages)
  .configure('environment', 'prod')               // dev or prod for debugging mode!
  .configure('pluginSrc', 'js/lib/plugins/')      // setup plugins location directory
  .configure('plugins', ['jqmodal', 'jcarousel']) // automagically fetch my jQuery plugins!

  .map('#registration-example', [{ controller: "ExampleApp.RegistrationController", params: { user: 123, firstName: "Johnson" }} ])

  .map('#login-example', [{ controller: "ExampleApp.LoginController" }])



 * Registration Controller
mojo.define("mysite.User.RegistrationController", function($) {
  var Controller = {
    methods: {
    events: []
  return Controller;

For more information, view the Quick Screencast of Mojo Framework

Technical Features

  • Aspect-oriented programming for intercepting functionality (before and after)
  • Dependency injection on any plugin or Controller
  • Publish/Subscribe (mojo.Messaging.publish/subscribe)
  • Use any other jQuery plugin (jqModal for dialogs, jcarousel for carousels, bbq for History, etc)
  • Controllers are mapped to DOM elements to give components functionality -- allowing you to easily feature-gate
  • Controllers are used as a way of creating implementation silos (Login Controller, Registration Controller, Chat Controller, Profile Controller, etc)

Why use Mojo?

  • Mojo offers a foundation that other libraries and developers can take advantage of. It was built to provide a consistent architectural structure for development of small to massive projects allowing for code reuse and flexibility

  • Enforces organization and clean separation of code to ease readability and maintainability

  • Capability to pull any jQuery plugin for rapid prototyping and development

  • Increases productivity of large teams working in parallel, particularly on Agile projects, by dividing work into implementation silos and allowing incremental development

  • Reduces developer ramp-up time starting on new projects because they are already accustomed to the coding structures, patterns and practices

  • Development speeds up as times goes on compared to the opposite that happens when code becomes too tightly bound


  • Discuss large changes on Issues View before coding
  • Javascript code style
    • has two space indention
    • maximum 80 column width
    • keywords followed by open-paren must be separated by a space. eg. if (condition) not if(condition)
    • no space between function name and open paren e.g. functionName(parameters) not functionName (parameters)
    • multi-line if statements must have braces.
  • patches should all pass JSLint

Brands Using Mojo

Bacardi True Originals

Microsoft KinectShare


Apache 2.0 License

Copyright 2013 Jaime Bueza

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.