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Collection of Presentations by Jaime Bueza

Blast Radius Presentations

  • NodeJS: asynchronous non-blocking i/o, the event loop, and benefits of using javavscript on the backend and the frontend
  • WebSockets: exploration of new web experiences, the problems, and the solutions
  • Microframeworks: an evolved structural approach to building web applications on top of jQuery with refactorability, simplicity, and scalability as its focus
  • HTML 5 Boilerplate: how to really use this wonderful boilerplate code and the benefits of polyfilling (modernizr)

Travel-based Presentations

  • Blast Mojo Lite - Javascript microframework built on top of jQuery and Joose
  • Scaling your team by using NodeJS - Hybridization of the Developer and wearing the different hats
  • Using SASS to organize your CSS and prepare it for production environments