Polyphonic Software Synthesizer, in Java and C++
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Syd is a cross-platform instrument editor and software synthesizer by Jim Bumgardner, originally developed in 1997, in C++. The current version of Syd has a patching interface in Java, and a command-line renderer written in C++.

Syd Screenshot

Cyd has a graphical "patch cord" interface, and an elegant method for producing large-scale and recursively polyphonic patches. It is particularly suitable for teaching computer music.


The most notable use of Syd to date is in Bumgardner's "Whitney Music Box", which can be found at http://wheelof.com/whitney/ Syd was used for all the variations using harmonics and non-standard tunings.

The patch used to render the Whitney Music Box is quite elegant in Syd, making use of it's unusual method of generating polyphony with a single "score unit".

Here are some of the Syd generated variations of the Whitney Music Box

http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v0 http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v2 http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v6 http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v7 http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v16

Syd has also been used in introductory computer music classes at a few schools.

History (major milestones only):

9/22/11 JSyd and CSyd added to Github

5/07/09 Version 1.5.1 Added stereo + panning support to CSyd, JSyd

2006 JSyd (Java version of Syd) created, originally to make Syd more cross-platform. CSyd (command line only version) created in conjunction with Java version.

1998 Windows Syd 1.0.7 (C++, ported from Macintosh 1.0.6)

1997 Original Version of Syd (Written in C++ on the Macintosh)