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This is a toolchain for a parallel processor architecture called Nyuzi, based on LLVM. It includes a C/C++ compiler (clang), assembler, linker and debugger (lldb).

While this project includes a C/C++ compiler, the LLVM backend can support any language.

Questions or issues can be directed to the mailing list or... Chat at


The NyuziProcessor repository README has instructions for building this as well. These instructions are only necessary if you want to build this separately.

Required Software

The following sections describe how to install these packages.

  • gcc 4.8+ or Apple clang 4.2+
  • cmake 3.4.3+
  • python 2.7
  • libxml (including headers)
  • zlib (including headers)
  • bison 2.7+
  • flex 2.5+
  • swig 3.0.11+ ( with python wrappers
  • libedit (
  • ncurses
  • ninja 1.3+

Building on Linux

You can install required packages using the built-in package manager (apt-get, yum, etc). As LLVM needs newer versions of many packages, you should be on a recent version of your Linux distribution. Instructions are below are for Ubuntu (which must be on at least version 16). You may need to change the package names for other distributions:

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev cmake gcc g++ python bison flex \
    zlib1g-dev swig python-dev libedit-dev libncurses5-dev ninja-build

git clone
cd NyuziToolchain
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G Ninja ..
sudo ninja install

Building on MacOS

On Mavericks and later, you can install the host command line compiler like this:

xcode-select --install

On earlier versions, you can download XCode from the app store. You will also need to install a package manager like MacPorts to get the remaining dependencies. Open a new terminal to do the build after installing MacPorts, because it installs alternate versions of some utilities and updates the PATH. Once you have done this:

sudo port install cmake bison swig swig-python ninja

git clone
cd NyuziToolchain
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G Ninja ..
sudo ninja install

Upgrading 'flex' using the package manager may cause build errors. I would recommend using the system supplied version.

Building on Windows

I have not tested this natively on Windows. Many of the libraries are already cross platform, so it should theoretically be possible.

Other Notes

  • The toolchain is installed into /usr/local/llvm-nyuzi/
  • The triple for this target is 'nyuzi-'.


Change PATH environment variable to include the binary directory (build/bin). This is only required for llvm-lit based tests. Run the tests as follows (assuming you are at the top of the project directory):

export PATH=<BUILDDIR>/build/bin:$PATH
llvm-lit test
llvm-lit tools/clang/test/CodeGen/
llvm-lit tools/lld/test/ELF/nyuzi-*

All tests should pass.

  • The command above for the LLD tests uses a wildcard to only run tests for the Nyuzi target. This is because many tests are architecture specific but don't specify a REQUIRES line in the file. They are assuming LLVM is built for all architectures, where I have modified the build files in this project to only build for Nyuzi.*

It is also useful to run the random test generator to validate the backend.

There is a set of whole-program tests in the NyuziProcessor repository test/whole-program Each test case is compiled and then run in the instruction set simulator, which checks the output for validity. This is similar to the test-suite project in LLVM. Instructions are in that directory.

In the same repository, there is also a test to validates the LLDB debugger by running a real program in the emulator: tests/tools/lldb


Port of LLVM/Clang C compiler to Nyuzi parallel processor architecture





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