Parallel Array of Simple Cores. Multicore processor.
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This is a multi-core embedded processor. There are a 16 RISC cores, each with a small chunk of local memory and a shared global memory area. Documentation is in the wiki (

Required Software

Assembling Programs

These are in the test directory

tools/ tests/sourcefile.hex tests/sourcefile.asm

Replace 'sourcefile' in the command line with the desired file.

Running in Verilog Simulation

  1. Build the verilog model and bootloader:

     cd rtl
  2. Run a verilog model making the +bin parameter point to the program you want to run, which should have been assembled already above.

     vvp multi-sim.vvp +bin=../tests/sourcefile.hex -lxt2

Any value written to address 0xFFFF will be displayed on the console. A trace file will be dumped into 'trace.lxt', which can be read with GTKWave or the like.

Running on FPGA

This is for the Cyclone II Starter Kit. Synthesize design by opening 'fpga/cIIstarter/cIIstarter.qpf'. Note that the design needs to be resynthesized each time the program is changed.