Command line tool to generate Certificate Transparency information
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PHP command line tool to generate Certificate Transparency information

This script is tuned to work with Let's Encrypt certificates so it submits the certificate to:


Submitting cts logs

You can use cts-submit.php to submit the cert to Certificate Transparency servers and get the sct.

usage: ./cts-submit.php <certificate> <intermediate> <sctfile>
example ./cts-submit.php www.example.com_crt.pem lets-encrypt-x1-cross-signed.pem /my/scts/file.sct > www.example.com_sct.pem

The <sctdir> is optional. If you do not specify it you'll only get the base64 encoded sct and not binary one written to a file. If you only use the scts in binary format (by using the sct dir) you do not need to catch the output (> www.example.com_sct.pem).

Concenating cts logs

usage: ./cts-cat.php <ctslog1> <ctslog2>
example: ./cts-cat.php /my/scts/firstsite.sct /my/scts/secondsite.sct

Server configuration

All methods will provide the certificate transparency information to the browser using tls extention.

Apache - server info

To use this you will need a recent apache version and add the following command in the virtual host:

SSLOpenSSLConfCmd ServerInfoFile path_to/www.example.com_sct.pem

Apache - module

Install mod_ssl_ct and OpenSSL 1.0.2 or later. Follow the documentation on their site for more information. (use CTStaticSCTs)


You have to compile nginx with the nginx-ct module. Add this to your nginx config:

ssl_ct on;
ssl_ct_static_scts /my/scts;

Testing certificate transparency

You can access your website using Google Chrome or Chromium and click in the address bar on the lock icon to see whether Chrome/Chromium recognizes the certificate transparency. The SSLLabs test also checks for certificate transparency. When everything works it should say Certificate Transparency Yes (TLS extension).