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Valley of Steel

What is it?

Valley of Steel is an interactive fiction (intfic) game. It was written in Inform 7. I wrote it because as a kid I really really enjoyed the Infocom games, and I'd written a short story that I thought might make a fun setting for such a game. I basically used this project to force myself to learn some Inform, and to get myself 'coding' again. I work in technology, and the magic wore off a while back - I figured if I did something for myself, it'd be more fun. I was right.

Can I play it?

Sure! The link at the top of the page is a link to the release page, where you can either download it free of charge or play in a browser. This repo is mostly for me, as it consists of the Inform working directory. If you want the playable game, I strongly encourage you to go to the link at the top of the README, which is the official Inform 'release page.'

Can I use the code?

Yes. This code is available under the MIT License. The only exception is the contents of the Valley of Steel Materials/ subdirectory - those are ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (cover art, any original prose).

Note that the 'code' that you care about is in one text file, available here in the source tree.


Valley of Steel - Inform 7 game




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