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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this May 22, 2021

  • Added double randomizer mode, used to prevent softlocks which can occur when used alongside Sigma's randomizer fork
    • Fixed several puzzles being shuffled into impossible states (Tutorial Back Left, Treehouse Pivots, Swamp Entry, Mountain Metapuzzle, Symmetry Laser Yellows/Blues, UTM Perspective)

Co-Authored-By: Star Rauchenberger

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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this May 3, 2021

  • Makes UTM Floor panels never impossible
  • Adds to the pool of UpDownPanels, and randomizes the three UTM small elevator control panels between themselves.
  • The Two Wide Desert Panels randomize between themselves.
  • The Inner Symmetry Island entrance now randomizes with a small set of upDownPanels
  • The panels within the mountain floor panel are randomized between themselves.
  • Quarry Laser now should always require opening both sides.

Co-Authored-By: EzraIII

Assets 4
Jan 18, 2021

@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Jan 23, 2021

This is a slightly more purpose-built randomizer, which is designed to just randomize the challenge.

  • Teleport to Challenge
  • Randomizing challenge seed
  • Remove the challenge timer, or limit it only to Anitra's Dance (the first song)
  • Reroll the RNG on victory, to allow for randomized 20 challenges runs
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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Nov 23, 2019

  • Fixed a bug where I was misusing the RNG, this may have caused "less random" outcomes, especially for early-randomized puzzles.
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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Nov 8, 2019

Also added order-swapping for Orchard and Symmetry Transparent

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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Nov 7, 2019

Add previously-available settings
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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this May 4, 2019

  • Randomizer should work on the January 23, 2019 update, again. Fortunately, nothing serious changed.
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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Dec 15, 2018

  • Cleaned up sigscan code
  • Challenge panels are no longer POWER_OFF_ON_FAIL (aka guess-proof)
  • Desert colors are no longer changed -- note that solutions may still be any desert puzzle
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@jbzdarkid jbzdarkid released this Dec 1, 2018

Bump version + add "remove previous versions" setting
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