offering high level and low level calls against the graph API, written in Javascript for nodejs
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Facebook API

Access Facebook with Javascript. This module offers high level and low level calls to the graph API.

This is an work in process I will implement features as I need them. If you have something valuable to add, send it to me and I will merge it.


  • view information about entities (users, pages, etc.)
  • get users friends
  • view users wall
  • post on walls
  • users photos
  • users photo albums


We use the function viewback to display the results of the callbacks

function viewback(err, data) { 
    if(err) { 
        console.log("Error: " + JSON.stringify(err)); 
    } else { 
        console.log("Data: " + JSON.stringify(data)); 

Use API without Authorization

var fbapi = require('facebook-api');
var client = fbapi.user(null); // do not set an access token

> Data: {"id":"220439","name":"Bret Taylor","first_name":"Bret","last_name":"Taylor","link":"","gender":"male","locale":"en_US"}

Use API with Authorization

var fbapi = require('facebook-api');
var client = fbapi.user(access_token); // needs a valid access_token;;

Use Raw API

var raw = require('facebook-api').raw;
raw("GET", "cocacola", [], viewback);

> Data: {"id":"40796308305","name":"Coca-Cola" ... }


I will merge the following merge requests:

  • unit tested changes
  • refactored old code
  • added new feature
  • fixed bugs