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A Chrome extension to allow users to adapt the web's appearance to their preference by creating custom CSS. It aims to improve the accessibility and adaptability of the web, both for users who're not familiar with CSS and advanced CSS users.

Using Stylebot, users will be able to:

  1. Incrementally build the custom stylesheet for Chrome.
  2. Save custom CSS rules for a site / group of sites, so that the next time they visit it, their custom CSS is already applied.


Production Version

Development Version

Download stylebot.crx (use Download Source button on top right) and open it in Chrome / Chromium.
Or, you can also load /stylebot as an unpacked extension (in Developer mode).

Once installed, you can toggle stylebot on a page by either clicking on the 'css' icon in omnibar or pressing 'Alt + m'.


This project is being developed as part of Google Summer of Code 2010 by Ankit Ahuja, mentored by Rachel Shearer.

Code from the following projects is used in Stylebot:


Dual licensed under the GPL and MIT Licenses.

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