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Center username vertically (#163)

Center username/role container vertically within header
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meyerluk authored and jc21 committed Jun 25, 2019
1 parent 3f089fb commit 43c70635381a4cc535b4883a3a1cf0104315143f
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/frontend/js/app/ui/header/main.ejs
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<img src="/images/favicons/favicon-32x32.png" border="0"> &nbsp; <%- i18n('main', 'app') %>

<div class="d-flex order-lg-2 ml-auto">
<div class="d-flex align-items-center order-lg-2 ml-auto">
<div class="dropdown">
<a href="#" class="nav-link pr-0 leading-none" data-toggle="dropdown">
<span class="avatar" style="background-image: url(<%- getUserField('avatar', '/images/default-avatar.jpg') %>)"></span>

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