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Small Java Components

EO principles respected here DevOps By We recommend IntelliJ IDEA

License Stars

Here you can find some useful object-oriented components for your Java programs.


  1. Collection of AOP/AspectJ Java Aspects

    Java 481 147

  2. Object Oriented Wrapper of Github API

    Java 266 135

  3. jcabi-http Public

    Fluent Java HTTP client

    Java 148 60

  4. jcabi-jdbc Public

    Fluent Object-Oriented Wrapper of JDBC

    Java 97 32

  5. jcabi-xml Public

    Java XML Parsing, Transforming, Printing, and Validating

    Java 94 34

  6. jcabi-log Public

    Static Wrapper of SLF4J easing you from the necessity to create static LOGGER instances in each Java class

    Java 53 45