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Multi-threaded wagon to connect Maven with Amazon S3
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Wagon for connecting maven builds with Amazon S3.  This wagon enables communication between
Maven and Amazon S3.

A pom with this wagon can publish a Maven site to S3 as well as deploy artifacts.

When uploading the contents of a directory the system property "maven.wagon.threads" 
controls the number of simultaneous uploads the wagon will use (default is 10)

Add this to the build section of a pom.xml


Add this to the distribution management section of a pom.xml:   
      <url>s3://[AWS Bucket Name]</url>
      <url>s3://[AWS Bucket Name]</url>
      <url>s3://[AWS Bucket Name]</url>

Add this to settings.xml   
      <username>[AWS Access Key ID]</username>
      <password>[AWS Secret Access Key]</password>
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