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Files are uploaded with the permission PublicRead by default, but that can be overridden through configuration.

Add <filePermissions> to the configuration for a server in ~/.m2/settings.xml to change the default:

For example:


The permission AuthenticatedRead prevents the general public from accessing your files. Only authorized users will have access.

The allowed values for <filePermissions> are:


The javadoc for CannedAccessControlList has details on what each value means.

Maven Wagon Plugin

Until this patch gets applied, custom permissions do not work when using the Codehaus version of the wagon-maven-plugin. However, the Kuali version contains the patch and supports custom permissions.

Backwards Compatibility

Versions prior to 1.1.15 need the S3 bucket to have been created by the same user the maven-s3-wagon authenticates with. This is no longer the case. Buckets can be created by any user as long as the maven-s3-wagon has read/write/list permissions.

Versions 1.1.9 and 1.1.10, use the tag <acl> instead of <filePermissions>, but <acl> is now deprecated. Backwards compatibility is maintained by using the <acl> tag if it is present, but always deferring to the <filePermissions> tag.

Versions prior to 1.1.9 always upload files with the hard coded permission PublicRead.