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Tapestry5 on google application engine
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The demo URL or

How to deploy?
 1) modify src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml to change app id
 2) use maven to package application
   jcai@jcai-notebook:~/workspace/google/t5ongae$ mvn clean package
   [INFO] Scanning for projects...
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] Building web Tapestry 5 Application
   [INFO]    task-segment: [clean, package]
   [INFO] Building war: /home/jcai/workspace/google/t5ongae/target/t5ongae.war
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
   [INFO] Total time: 4 seconds
   [INFO] Finished at: Mon Apr 13 13:47:05 CST 2009
   [INFO] Final Memory: 27M/196M
   [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
3) use google to deploy your application
  jcai@jcai-notebook:~/workspace/google/t5ongae$ update target/t5ongae
  Reading application configuration data...
  2009-04-13 13:48:04.957::INFO:  Logging to STDERR via org.mortbay.log.StdErrLog
  Beginning server interaction for ganshane...
  0% Creating staging directory
  5% Scanning for jsp files.
  20% Scanning files on local disk.
  25% Initiating update.
  28% Cloning 27 static files.
  31% Cloning 47 application files.
  40% Uploading 0 files.
  90% Deploying new version.
  95% Will check again in 1 seconds
  98% Closing update: new version is ready to start serving.
  99% Uploading index definitions.
  Update complete.
  Cleaning up temporary files...

demo url:

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