An app written in Swift to compare the memory usage to an identical React-Native App
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##This Swift App is coded to push the hardware just far enough to be able to test the same app written in React-Native.

This app includes Facebook Login, Tab Bar Controller, Facebook profile retrieval, Database retrieval, geolocation, and Page View Controller (Carousel).

I have coded the exact same app using React-Native. I will be pitting these apps against eachother to see which one performs better.

I will be using Apple Instruments to examine the behavior of the apps, perform profiling in a simulator, create custom DTrace instruments to analyze aspects of system and app behavior, track down problems in my source code, conduct performance analysis on these apps, find memory problems in the apps (such as leaks, abandoned memory, and zombies), identify ways to optimize the apps for greater power efficiency, and perform general system-level troubleshooting.