An app for hosting and creating parties.
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An app for hosting and creating parties.


Imagine being bored on a weekend or weekday night in college, not knowing where the parties are being thrown. Just pop on this app and check it out. However, no one wants to go to a sketchy party where a bunch of crazy people are, which is why every profile is Facebook backed (with a minimum of 300 friends so people don't make a FB just for this). Alternatively, imagine you have a bunch of friends from your hometown visiting you at college, and you want to throw a party but don't know too many people. Throw a party on here! But don't worry. You are in control of who's invited based on the system. Feek free to tweak the system in a way you see fit.'

Ratings are the exciting aspect of this app. A user will have different ratings based on their party HOSTING etiquitte AND their party GOING etiquitte. In this way, people are incentivized to be on their best behavior :)

Using the App

Turnup is an App made for the purpose of hosting and finding college parties. Once you login, you start in the "Attend" tab. From here you can look at parties being thrown within a user specified distance. If you are interested in a party, click on it and its details will be shown. If you want to attend the party, simply click the “Request Invitation" button. Make sure to write a good profile to increases your chances of being invited. If the host likes your profile, they'll send you an invitation with directions and other details, possibly an alcohol fee. Make sure to be a good guest at the party, or you will be given a bad review rating. You cannot keep making new accounts as each phone is locked to one account.

To host a party, click on the “Host” tab on the main screen of the app once you login. Enter the party details, including: title, date, location, description, attendance, max attendance count, and any images you’d like to show. Once you've added the party details, click “Add Party”. Be sure to be a good host, or your attendees may give you a bad rating as well.


This app currently needs to be updated. I used Parse as the backend and, as many of you know, it is shutting down it's servers. The Parse code I originally used is not working properly, so it needs to be moved to another Parse server or updated to Firebase. Please feel free to use this code to finish the idea.


This code is unlicensed, unfinished, and open source. Please take a look and do with it what you will - I'd love for this idea to be completed.