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=== What's FMEngine? ===

FMEngine is an open-source Objective-C framework for the last.fm API. You can use it in your iPhone and Mac OS X applications.
The source is released under the terms of the MIT License. The full license text can be found in the file LICENSE. 

FMEngine does *not* parse the output of the last.fm API (BYOP - Bring your own parser). It returns an NSData object that contains either XML or JSON output. Therefore it handles authentication, parameter signing, etc.

== Adding FMEngine to your Xcode project ==

1. Clone the FMEngine repository: git://github.com/westbaer/FMEngine.git

2. Add *all* files in the Classes/Framework directory to your project.

3. Get your API Key + Secret Key from last.fm and enter it in FMEngine.h (_LASTFM_API_KEY_, _LASTFM_SECRETK_).

4. Comment out the line "#define _USE_JSON_ 1" if you prefer XML over JSON.

5. Add 'Security.framework' to your project.

6. Start using FMEngine. Have fun!

=== Reference ==

Asynchronous API Requests

- (void)performMethod:(NSString *)method withTarget:(id)target withParameters:(NSDictionary *)params andAction:(SEL)callback useSignature:(BOOL)useSig httpMethod:(NSString *)httpMethod;

Synchronous API Requests

- (NSData *)dataForMethod:(NSString *)method withParameters:(NSDictionary *)params useSignature:(BOOL)useSig httpMethod:(NSString *)httpMethod error:(NSError *)err;

Authentication Token

- (NSString *)generateAuthTokenFromUsername:(NSString *)username password:(NSString *)password;

=== Credits ===

Thanks to Sam Steele (c99koder) for the NSString+MD5 category and Matt Gemmell for the NSString+UUID category.

I hope you enjoy using FMEngine! :)

Nicolas Haunold

Feedback: 	westbaer [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: 	http://twitter.com/_westbaer_