A Simple PHP file manager. The code is a single php file.
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A Simple PHP file manager. The code is a single php file.

Just copy index.php to a folder on your webserver.

Why it is good

  • Single file, there are no images, or css folders.
  • Ajax based so it is fast, but doesn't break the back button
  • Allows drag and drop file uploads if the folder is writable by the webserver (chmod 777 your/folder)
  • Suits my aesthetics. More like Dropbox, and less like Windows Explorer
  • Works with Unicode file names
  • The interface is usable from an iPad
  • XSRF protection, and an optional password.

Do not allow uploads on the public web

If you allow uploads on the public web, it is only a matter of time before your server is hosting and serving very illegal content. Any of the following options will prevent this:

  • Don't make the folder writable by the webserver chmod 775
  • Set $allow_upload = false
  • Use a password $PASSWORD = 'some password'
  • Use a .htaccess file with Apache, or auth_basic for nginx
  • Only use this on a private network

HT: @beardog108


  • Edit feature. An extension of the initial project which lets you edit files and save them from the main php file. Works asynchronously with ajax requests. Link: @diego95root