An irssi script to expand shortened URLs into something more readable.
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This script will intercept all messages (quit, part, channel, and private)
searching for URLs. If the URL is a "short" URL (tinyurl,, bit,ly, etc)
it will be expanded into the real URL. The expansion is done by the fine folks

Configuration options for this script include:
	expand_url_privmsgs	- A boolean which toggles whether private
				messages are searched or not.
	expand_url_white	- A string of whitespace delimited
				channels in which expansion is to take place.
				For example, '#news &twitter #shorturls'
				If this variable is left undefined, all
				channels are searched for shortened URLs.
				To reset, use /set -clear expand_url_white

I'm not sure that expand_url_white is really needed.

Some limitations in the script is that URLs must be sorrounded by whitetext
ONLY. A URL inside of quotes (e.g., "") will NOT be parsed. If
you have any ideas on a way to overcome this, I'd love to hear it!

If you find any bugs, having any suggestions, or just want to chat,
hit me up!

By the way, this is my first time writing perl and using github which might
explain any odd ideas.

Have fun, and hope you like it.