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Summer? WTF!?

Well .. it goes after spring ;)


SICO (Simple Injection Container): a lightweight but capable Dependency Injection container.

This allow yo to inject behavior in to you application in a neat, extensible and easy way.


Around of this feature, Summer offers you some ready to use Object Services.


Simple and extensible service for configure your application in JSON format.


A log service totally inspired by Log4J

Allow send log to any combination of:

  • a file

  • console

  • Windows OutputDebugString

  • iOS or Android console

  • Windows Event log

  • a TStrings object in your application.

  • Your custom log writer

And you can change where your log message are writed without touch the code that send the messages.


The easy, extensible and unified access to all paths you will ever need.

Several util and helpers for a neat, modern code.

  • Nullable types

  • Helpers to write JSON, handle Enums, Invoke methods using RTTI,…​

JSON tools

An Easy and flexible support for generate JSON, extending Sytem.JSON, not replacing it. Some custom attributes allows easy control of the generated JSON.

Features not so ready (in progress)

  • Some utils to develop Command Line Interfaces

  • Queryable types

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