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rbapp is a (thor & bundler based) ruby console application generator. You get a dependency with thor, but I think the pros wins the cons:

  • Your ruby app gets a neat console API: arguments, options,and help for free.
  • Your app is modular and easy to extend: only add new thor tasks!
  • Your app get gets a simple but powerfull template based generator.
  • Your app is generated as a bundle based gem, so you get easy deployment

    Of course, rbapp was generated by rbapp!

Install & Use

To install:

gem install rbapp

For use:

rbapp myapp
=> generate an application named myapp in ./myapp dir

rbapp myapp --sample

=> generate also a sample task

rbapp --help

=> show options


Your generated app is a thor "clone", so read thor docs to get help about how create new tasks for your app. rbapp is a very simple application: Read the source for better understanding: rbapp is it self rbapp generated, so it can show how your app works.