Simulation of a popular national lottery to see what it might take for a lowly middle-classer to actually hit the lottery
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This is a simple python script to simulate playing a ton of games in one of America's most popular lotteries. This script helps to provide context around just how difficult it is for a individual, buying 1-2 lottery tickets a week, to hit the lottery jackpot. And no, it's not impossible to hit the jackpot, but practically speaking, it does seem to be humanly impossible, as running this script will help to show.

To Run


Sample Output Of A Jackpot Win Simulation

House Draws:
10, 13, 50, 53, 64 Mega Ball: 16

Your Tickets:
5, 21, 43, 46, 51 Mega Ball: 9
10, 13, 50, 53, 64 Mega Ball: 16

   Winning Amount $100000000

Total Games Played: 16723798
Total Time: 671.52312088 sec
Avg Games Per Sec: 24904.0
Total Money Spent: $66895192
Total Money Won: $105487574