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A string slugifier
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Deno Slugify Build Status

A string slugifier

import { slugify } from "./mod.ts";

slugify('some string') // some-string

// if you prefer something other than '-' as separator
slugify('some string', '_')  // some_string


slugify('some string', {
  replacement: '-',    // replace spaces with replacement
  remove: null,        // regex to remove characters
  lower: true          // result in lower case


Out of the box slugify comes with support for a handful of Unicode symbols. For example the (radioactive) symbol is not defined in the charMap object in [index.js][index] and therefore it will be stripped by default:

slugify('unicode ♥ is ☢') // unicode-love-is

However you can extend the supported symbols, or override the existing ones with your own:

slugify.extend({'': 'radioactive'})
slugify('unicode ♥ is ☢') // unicode-love-is-radioactive

Keep in mind that the extend method extends/overrides the default charMap for the entire process.

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