Sources for my solution to the Kaggle Packing Santa's Sleigh competition.
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Kaggle Packing Santa's Sleigh

This repository contains the Julia sources for my solution to the Kaggle Packing Santa's Sleigh competition. The challenge consisted of packing one million presents of varying sizes in delivery order into Santa's fixed length and width sleigh with the least height. The task is essentially a bin packing problem with the ordering constraint making it more like a cutting stock problem.

The primary file is src/packPresents.jl which implements of a two dimensional shelf algorithm augmented by a height compaction algorithm.

The file src/experimental.jl contains code for other approaches that were not used in the final solution. Included is code to determine the minimum cover of a set of rectilinear rectangles.

The file solviewer/solviewer.pde contains the sources for a simple solution viewer written in Processing. The viewer was used during early development and is limited to visualizing a few thousand presents. The following screenshot shows an example visualization.

example solution visualization