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base fork: jcarouth/php-the-right-way
base: 60c8da40bd
head fork: jcarouth/php-the-right-way
compare: 971715e14e
Commits on Jul 06, 2012
@codeguy codeguy Fix typo in README e5aabd5
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@codeguy codeguy Add Composer examples 8306836
@jcarouth Adding Engine Yard Orchestra PaaS provider 6990fe4
medar Fix misspelling , changing framework order, adding framework Kohana a…
…nd microframework Fat-Free
@codeguy codeguy Merge branch 'hotfix-medar'
Merge changes from @medar
@codeguy codeguy Clarify message in introduction d5b4c8c
@codeguy codeguy Mention PEAR in package management section c44ebe0
@codeguy codeguy Fix link to PEAR 02838bc
@codeguy codeguy Tweak copy for PEAR d2a88b4
@codeguy codeguy Tweak TOC 9d4bc4f
@codeguy codeguy Add web app security section 5eb2d82
Jelmer Schreuder filter_var() and filter_input() are functions, the word method refers…
… to a function that is a member of a class.
@codeguy codeguy Add Back to Top link to security section d848fe2
@codeguy codeguy Add RedHat to PaaS list 6f24bfc
@codeguy codeguy Fix Symfony link 79cb6fd
Commits on Jul 08, 2012
@codeguy codeguy Fix Twig dependency constraint c2ec113
Ignacio Toledo Fixed Fuel to FuelPHP. dcfaaa5
@bergal bergal Remove unnecessary apostrophe 19a905f
@silentworks silentworks Fix merge conflict with @silentworks pull request 8a49756
Montana Rowe corrected a typo in index.html and added a warning comment on a dange…
…rous practice
@codeguy codeguy Add message to Depdency Management about interpreting downloaded code 4dfe637
@danielmcormond danielmcormond Resolve merge conflict with framework re-ordering b72c237
@danielmcormond danielmcormond Renamed Cake PHP to CakePHP 101d5aa
@codeguy codeguy Update README to point to gh-pages branch 7c04954
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
@jcarouth Fixing merge conflict for PR-4 971715e
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