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An Example API Using AWS Lambda + API Gateway Written In Scala

What Is This?

This is a fully working example of an API built with AWS Lambda + API Gateway (proxy integration) written in Scala. It is built ontop of aws-lambda4s which provides minimal boilerplate for making AWS Lamdba development pleasent in Scala.

Why Should I Use This?

By cloning this repo, you can get a fully working API using Lambda + API Gateway that you can run locally and deploy to AWS using a single command - in minutes.

More specifically, this repo gives you::

  • All the boilerplate you need to get started writing AWS Lambda functions in Scala
  • Automatic serialization of AWS Lambda's JSON input/output into nice Scala case classes
  • Logging, it's already setup for you using AWS Lambda's custom log4j2 appender
  • A complete CloudFormation template that allows you to run your Lambda locally or deploy it with a single command, using AWS's command line tools.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the SAM cli tool
  3. Run sbt assembly to build your fat jar
  4. Run sam local start-api to start the AWS lambda + API Gateway integration locally
  5. Run one of the test scripts, e.g. ./ or just curl http://localhost:3000/path/to/your/api
  6. Modify as for your own project as you wish.
  7. When you're ready, deploy your project using sam, see here


A full example of an AWS Lambda Function In Scala




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