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Xcode plugin for fui tool



###Dependencies To use this plugin following gems are required:

Please install this dependencies first.


####Alcatraz xcfui is available via alcatraz

####Manual To install plugin download zip, open Xcode project and run. Restart Xcode.

##Uninstall If you want to remove plugin delete xcfui.xcplugin from ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/ folder and restart Xcode.


If you want to use xcfui just check 'Find unused imports' item under File menu, if you no longer want to use it just uncheck the item

Preview on Preview off

##How it works

  • First add 'Find unused imports' item in Xcode File menu.
  • Then swizzle Xcode build method.
  • When 'Find unused imports' is checked and build method is called, we add new run script in build phases.
  • Run script executes fui tool on current project.
  • It parses results and displays them as warnings in Xcode.
  • When 'Find unused imports' item is unchecked, we just remove run script from build phases.