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In progress experimental stuff...

I'm not happy with Markdown, for several reasons:

  • It only cares about headings, not the actual document tree. I want to be able to open a new titled section, add some paragraphs to it, and then return to the parent section ーthis is impossible in Markdown.
  • MultiMarkdown's tables suck. Grutatxt has a much simpler syntax.
  • URLs are not naked, one needs square brackets for Markdown to understand the text as a URL.
  • It can't be extended.

A long time ago I sent a pull request to the maintainers of marked, which added support for plugins. In the few minutes of free time I get every week, my goal with this repo is to address the issues mentionned above and build upon the cascade plugin architecture I've since come up with to make a better Mardown, a Markdown I can at last use with Jekyll to power my blog.