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2012-03-01 v0.1.9
Added documentation and examples for the contrib framework
Added contributions from P. Coleman and S. Nazif
Created the 'contrib' framework for contributed classes
Fixed doctests in markets/
Finally got rid of infamous exec statements
2011-06-06 v0.1.8
Tests: allow to run tests from source dir if fms is not installed
Fix: must import fms.core as this is now the main module after refactoring
2011-05-28 v0.1.7
Use distribute instead of distutils in setup
Various fixes in doc configuration
Refactoring to avoid mass import from
2011-05-17 v0.1.6
Modified prior to registering on PyPI
Added install_requires on PyYaml in
Modified documentation according to FMS availability on PyPI
2009-03-05 v0.1.5
Added --repeat option
Reorganized options parsing and application
Added --timer option
Added RandomTrader agent
2009-02-05 v0.1.4
Added --replay option
Added --outputfilename option
Added launcher ( tests
Order includes emitter (agent) ref
Added --orderslogfile option
Added unique_by_agent parameter in config
2009-01-25 v0.1.3
Added --show-limits option
Added full tests: testing experiments with known results
Added clearbooksateod parameter to config file
Added csvdelimiter parameter to config file
Added warning about upgrading FMS in docs
Output files dir is config file dir unless path is absolute
Verbose option reports FMS version
Added a --version option
Set example files format to 'dos' to make those readable by Windows users
2009-01-12 v0.1.2
Cleaned the documentation installation under Windows
Detailed again Windows installation and setup
Excluded .pyc files from source distributions
Added wesite url to metadata
2009-01-12 v0.1.1
Released v0.1.1
Added a CHANGELOG file
Added a tutorial to the documentation
lxml is no longer compulsory, as it is for backward compatibility only
Renamed in and changed doc accordingly
2008-12-18 v0.1.0
Initial release