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Zoomy is a quick and easy to integrate plugin that will zoom into any picture. Zoomy is a flexible zoom plugin and can be used with either, two copies of the same image, or one image linked to itself. Most CMS systems save or create multiple sizes of an image so its can be easily set up. Just link the larger zoom image on the smaller display image, and tell the plugin to use that link when zooming. It takes only a little bit of scripting.

$(function () {

Why use Zoomy?

Zoomy is simple! Zoomy is easy to implement and customize. There are a few options that allow you to change the appearance and usability of Zoomy. Plug it in, and even the most boring images can turn heads. Capture more interactions on your site with this fun image zoom plug-in. Get an extra level of detail without bogging down your page with giant images. Take it for a test drive, and let Zoomy magnify your website.

How Zoomy works

Zoomy started with a simple concept. Make e-maginification look like regular magnification. To achieve this goal Zoomy adds only two elements to the document. One: a div that encases the the zoomed image, and an "optional" span that has a CSS3 gradient background. Zoomy is that simple. Of course Zoomy has a simple loader to handle the larger image, and many positioning options, but that is all secondary compared to the core functions.

Don´t forget to integrate jQuery migrations, if you are using jQuery 1.9 and newer!