The Python Static Site and API Generator
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The Python Static site and API Generator

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This package provides a Reader that will parse a directory for yaml files and generate python data structures. There is also a Writer that will dump this data as JSON into a web servable location.

The basic intended use case is to generate a static site running a JavaScript front end to consume a generated API.


Given a directory called _data that looks like this

├── portfolio
│   ├── 1.yml
│   └── 2.yml
└── posts
    ├── 2008-08-14.yml
    └── 2010-05-15.yml

Running the following script

import pysag

reader = pysag.Reader()
writer = pysag.Writer()
writer.write('_data'), '_site/api')

Will generate the following directories / files at _site/api

└── api
    ├── portfolio
    │   ├── 1.json
    │   └── 2.json
    ├── portfolio.json
    ├── posts
    │   ├── 2008-08-14.json
    │   └── 2010-05-15.json
    └── posts.json

Writing Content

Pysag primarily only parses yaml files to generate api data. However properties of the generated data can be parsed from markdown files. Take for example the following set of files:


title: Wedding Day
author: Jacob
coauthor: Anna


It was a day **long** in the making... but we got there!


All (*most*) of our friends and family came out to celebrate with us.

The key _markdown in the yaml file tells pysag to look for additional files to parse as markdown. The names of these files do not matter but they will be parsed relative to the directory of the yaml file.

These three files would generate the following object in the API

    "_id": "2008-08-14",
    "abstract": "<p>It was a day <strong>long</strong> in the making... but we got there!</p>",
    "author": "Jacob",
    "body": "<p>All (<em>most</em>) of our friends and family came out to celebrate with us.</p>",
    "coauthor": "Anna",
    "title": "Wedding Day"


Run the tests with nosetests.


  • Better dependency management
    • Can I use versioning in requirements.txt like ~1.0.1?
    • Separate file for dev requirements
  • Allow specifying the DataNode class in yml files
  • Make everything more "Pythonic"
  • Some mechanism to fetch just certain fields
  • Complete / document the executable
  • Ability to generate RSS feed and sitemap.xml?