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(ns jc-clj-mcts.core)
;;MCTS in clojure
(def wins [[0 1 2] [3 4 5] [6 7 8] ;cols
[0 3 6] [1 4 7] [2 5 8] ;rows
[0 4 8] [2 4 6]]) ;diags
(defn opp-player [p] (if (= p :X) :O :X))
(defn blank? [x] (number? x))
(defn win-check [state player]
(loop [wins wins]
(if (empty? wins) false
(let [[a b c] (first wins)]
(if (and (= player (get state a))
(= player (get state b))
(= player (get state c)))
(recur (rest wins)))))))
(defn ttt-terminal? [state]
(if (win-check state :X) {:draws 0 :x-win 1 :o-win 0}
(if (win-check state :O) {:draws 0 :x-win 0 :o-win 1}
(if (not-any? blank? state) {:draws 1 :x-win 0 :o-win 0} false))))
(defn ttt-gen-children [state to-move]
(for [[i v] (zipmap (range) state)
:when (blank? v)]
(assoc state i to-move)))
(defn ttt-playout
"Returns value of playout simulation for tic tac toe"
[state to-move]
(loop [state state to-move to-move]
(if-let [result (ttt-terminal? state)] result
(recur (rand-nth (ttt-gen-children state to-move))
(opp-player to-move)))))
(def init-record
"The data associated with a board-state in the mem"
{:visits 0 :draws 0
:x-win 0 :o-win 0
:chldn [] :to-move :X})
(def init-mem
"Creates initial mem for TTT"
(let [init-state [ 0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0]]
(assoc init-record :chldn (ttt-gen-children init-state :X))}))
(defn uct-value
"Value of a state based on gathered statistics. Currently not
actually 'uct' value (see paper)."
[{:keys [visits x-win o-win draws to-move]}]
(case (opp-player to-move)
:X (/ (+ x-win (/ draws 2))
:O (/ (+ o-win (/ draws 2))
:default 0))
(defn uct-sample
"The random sampling function for a board state."
[state mem func times]
(loop [result {:draws 0 :x-win 0 :o-win 0} times times]
(if (< times 1) result
(recur (reduce
(fn [m [k v]]
(update-in m [k] + v))
(func state (get-in mem [state :to-move])))
(dec times)))))
(defn uct-select
"Selects highest rated child of state"
[mem state]
(let [chldn (get-in mem [state :chldn])
explrd (remove
#(zero? (get-in mem [% :visits] 0))
(if (empty? explrd)
(rand-nth chldn)
(apply max-key #(uct-value (get mem %)) explrd))))
(defn uct-unexplored [mem state]
"Unexplored children of state"
(for [c (get-in mem [state :chldn]
(ttt-gen-children state (get-in mem [state :to-move])))
:when (zero? (get-in mem [c :visits] 0))] c))
(defn uct-backprop
"Backpropagates child value to the parent"
[mem path {:keys [x-win o-win draws] :as stats}]
(if (empty? path) mem
(-> mem
(update-in [(first path) :x-win] + x-win)
(update-in [(first path) :o-win] + o-win)
(update-in [(first path) :draws] + draws)
(update-in [(first path) :visits] inc))
(rest path)
(defn- add-child
"Helper to creates child-record for the mem."
[mem parent-state child-state]
(let [to-move (get-in mem [parent-state :to-move])
child-record (get mem
(assoc init-record
:chldn (ttt-gen-children
(opp-player to-move))
:to-move (opp-player to-move)))]
(assoc mem child-state child-record)))
(defn uct-grow
"Estimates a child's value and adds it to the tree."
[mem path]
(let [leaf (first path)
chld (rand-nth (uct-unexplored mem leaf))
valu (uct-sample chld mem ttt-playout 1)]
(-> mem
(add-child leaf chld)
(uct-backprop (cons chld path) valu))))
(defn learn-iteration [mem state]
"The core algorithm; a single analysis of a state. Searches the tree
for an unexplored child, estimates the child's value, adds
it to the tree, and backpropagates the value up the path."
(loop [mem mem, state state, path (list state)]
(if-let [result (ttt-terminal? state)]
(uct-backprop mem path result)
(if (not-empty (uct-unexplored mem state))
(uct-grow mem path)
(let [ch (uct-select mem state)]
(recur mem ch (cons ch path)))))))
(defn learn-state [mem state budget]
"Analyzes a board state using the UCT algorithm. Iterates
learn-iteration until budget is exhausted."
(loop [mem mem budget budget]
(if (< budget 1) mem
(recur (learn-iteration mem state) (dec budget)))))
(defn print-board [board]
"Pretty print a board state"
(apply format "%s %s %s \n%s %s %s \n%s %s %s \n"
(map #(case % :X "X" :O "O" 0 "_") board))))
(defn play-game
"Retains memory built from analyses of past moves"
[[mem _]]
(let [uctp (rand-nth [:X :O])]
(loop [mem mem
board-state [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0]
to-move :X]
(if-let [{:keys [draws x-win o-win]} (ttt-terminal? board-state)]
:uct (if (= uctp :X) x-win o-win)
:rnd (if (= uctp :X) o-win x-win)
:draws draws)]
(if (= uctp to-move)
(let [mem (learn-state mem board-state 30)
move (uct-select mem board-state)]
(recur mem move (opp-player to-move)))
(let [move (rand-nth (get-in mem [board-state :chldn]))
mem (if (contains? mem move) mem
(assoc mem move
(assoc init-record
:chldn (ttt-gen-children
(opp-player to-move))
:to-move (opp-player to-move))))]
(recur mem move (opp-player to-move))))))))
(defn play-game-no-mem
"Does not retain memory over moves to allow for
effectiveness assessment based on computational budget"
(let [uctp (rand-nth [:X :O])]
(loop [board-state [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0]
to-move :X]
; (print-board board-state)
(if-let [{:keys [draws x-win o-win]} (ttt-terminal? board-state)]
:uct (if (= uctp :X) x-win o-win)
:rnd (if (= uctp :X) o-win x-win)
:draws draws)
(if (= uctp to-move)
(let [mem (learn-state (hash-map
(assoc init-record
:to-move to-move
:chldn (ttt-gen-children
move (uct-select mem board-state)]
(recur move (opp-player to-move)))
(let [move (rand-nth (ttt-gen-children board-state to-move))]
(recur move (opp-player to-move))))))))
(defn- update-stats
"Helper function"
[curr new]
(fn [m [k v]] (update-in m [k] + v))
curr new))
(defn uct-v-rand
"Plays n games of uct vs rand retaining the analysis memory
across games"
(loop [mem init-mem
games 0
stats {:uct 0 :rnd 0 :draws 0}]
(if (> games n) [mem stats]
(let [[mem result] (play-game mem)]
(recur mem
(inc games)
(update-stats stats result))))))
;;;This script generates the results table in the blog post
;(let [data (for [b [0 1 2 3 4 5 10 100]] ;computational budgets
; (list b (take 50 (repeatedly #(play-game-no-mem b)))))
; stats (map
; (fn [[b d]]
; (let [avgs {:uct (float (/ (reduce + (map :uct d)) (count d)))
; :rnd (float (/ (reduce + (map :rnd d)) (count d)))
; :draws (float (/ (reduce + (map :draws d)) (count d)))}]
; (list b avgs)))
; data)]
; (pprint stats))