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EPUBCheck Web Archive build tool

This project allows you to create a web archive and serve it using Apache Tomcat, such that you can provide validation of EPUB files using EPUBCheck via a web service.

This project is licensed under the same license as the EPUBCheck project, namely, the BSD 3 license.

The rationale

Originally, the epubcheck.jar fle was accompanied by a .war file, which was very useful as it could be hosted by a Java-based webserver (e.g. Apache Tomcat), and used to provide a web-based interface for EPUB validation using epubcheck. This is how the the IDPF offer their online EPUB validation service.

However, recent builds of EPUBCheck have not been accompanied by this .war file meaning that, for your own purposes, you were looking at having to use the command line version, as described above. You could still of course use the IDPF’s online validation service, but this is only for non-commercial use and for files less than 10MB.

So, after running into confusion where a client mistakenly thought their EPUB3 was invalid because it was being checked against an older version of the epubcheck .war file used by a web service, I thought it was high time I worked out how to create a .war from a recent release.

As epubcheck is written in Java and not being a Java programmer myself (and there’s good reason for this, summed up nicely in this post about Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns), I was a little tremulous about tackling this, but it actually turned out to be relatively easy. The steps are below, and the presumption is that you’re running a Mac build environment (and using the Homebrew package manager), but it should be relatively easy to adapt them to other environments.

The build process

Note that we need to build using a JDK version which is no older than the Java version that we'll be using on the server, otherwise we'l get errors while serving. Therefore, it may be a good idea to build on the server itself. Also, we've had more luck using the Oracle JDK, instead of the OpenJDK.

  • Clone the epubcheck repo

      git clone
  • Checkout the tagged release we wish to build

      cd epubcheck/
      git tag -l
      git checkout tags/v4.0.2
  • Install maven, and use it to build the release (this may take some time, because of maven needing to boostrap itself)

      brew install maven
      mvn install
  • This will create a .jar file in epubcheck/target/, e.g. epubcheck.jar

  • At the root level, checkout the epubcheck .war code (i.e. this repo)

      git checkout epubcheck-web
  • Make some changes to the build file, epubcheck-web\build-war.xml, specifically include the correct version number, as found in the name of .jar file (e.g.)

      <property name="version" value="4.0.2" />
  • If epubcheck has updated their libraries, we'll need to copy them over to lib, and ensure that they're referenced in the classpath in the build-war.xml. We should also copy over epubcheck.jar that we've build or downloaded. Hence, e.g.:

      <path id="epubcheckServlet.classpath">
      	<fileset dir="${epubcheck.web.includelibs}">
      		<include name="common-image-*.jar" />
      		<include name="common-io-*.jar" />
      		<include name="common-lang-*.jar" />
      		<include name="commons-compress-*.jar" />
      		<include name="guava-*.jar" />
      		<include name="imageio-jpeg-*.jar" />
      		<include name="imageio-metadata-*.jar" />
      		<include name="jackson-core-asl-*.jar" />
      		<include name="jackson-mapper-asl-*.jar" />
      		<include name="jing-*.jar" />
      		<include name="sac-*.jar" />
      		<include name="Saxon-*.jar" />
      		<include name="epubcheck.jar" />

As we are not building epubcheck.jar, we should comment out references to it:

	<!-- comment out the reference to the epubcheck.jar in the distribution directory -->
	<fileset dir="${epubcheck.distribution.dir}">
		<include name="epubcheck.jar" />

	<!-- comment out the epubcheck.jar target as it's already built -->
		<target name="epubcheck" description="creates epubcheck.jar">
			<ant dir="${epubcheck.base.dir}"/>

	<!-- comment out reference to epubcheck.jar as we're not building it -->
		<zipfileset dir="${epubcheck.distribution.dir}" prefix="WEB-INF/lib">
			<include name="epubcheck-*.jar" />
  • Also, we may need to include other source libraries from epubcheck into the src folder.

  • Place your customised HTML (as index.html) and CSS in epubcheck-web\http_root — at a minimum you'll need:

              <meta charset="utf-8">
              <title>EPUBCheck for Web</title>
                  <form action="Check" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
                              <td><span class="label">EPUB file:</span></td>
                              <td><input type="file" style="width:20em" name="file" /></td>
                              <td><input type="submit" value="Check validity"/></td>
  • Install ant and use it to build the epubcheck.war:

      brew install ant
      ant -f build-war.xml
  • Install the .war (by dropping it in tomcat's webapps directory) and restart tomcat

      cd /usr/local/tomcat/webapps
      cp /tmp/epubcheck/epubcheck-web/dist/epubcheck-4.0.2.war epubcheck.war
      /etc/init.d/tomcat start

Once Tomcat’s restarted, you should be able to see the epubcheck service at http://localhost:8080/epubcheck.

On my system I use Apache to proxy requests from port 80 to 8080, so I can make it available as I do at


This project allows you to create a web archive and serve it using Apache Tomcat, such that you can provide validation of EPUB files using EpubCheck via a web service.




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