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Dump tool for .Net.

Work in progress

This started off as a tool I use at work, a collection of my ClrMD scripts. It's extremely spartan and needs some refactoring.

Getting started

Getting started with Git and GitHub

  • People new to GitHub should consider using GitHub for Windows.
  • If you decide not to use GHFW you will need to:
  1. Set up Git and connect to GitHub
  2. Fork the Dumpty repository

Rules for Our Git Repository

  • We use "A successful Git branching model". What this means is that:
    • You need to branch off of the develop branch when creating new features or non-critical bug fixes.
    • Each logical unit of work must come from a single and unique branch:
      • A logical unit of work could be a set of related bugs or a feature.
      • You should wait for us to accept the pull request (or you can cancel it) before committing to that branch again.

How To Use Dumpty

  1. Execute the REPL command at the CLI: dumpty -e repl
  2. Load a memory dump: load "C:\dev\dumps\dump.dmp"
  3. Execute a command: dumpstrings "C:\dev\strings"

Supported Commands

  • repl: Creates a REPL
  • help: When followed by another command, explains the usage of the command
  • load: Loads a memory dump
  • dumpstrings: Finds unique strings and dumps them to a directory as individual files
  • agcroot: Aggregates GC roots. Helps with finding memory issues caused by large amounts of small objects.


Dumpty is licensed under the MIT license, which can be found in LICENSE.

Additional Restrictions

  • We only accept code that is compatible with the MIT license (essentially, BSD and Public Domain).
  • Copying copy-left (GPL-style) code is strictly forbidden.