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If you use this software, please cite the corresponding publication:

author = {Berenger, Francois and Coti, Camille and Zhang, Kam Y. J.},
title = {{PAR: A PARallel And Distributed Job Crusher}},
doi = {10.1093/bioinformatics/btq542},
year = {2010},
journal = {Bioinformatics}

External dependencies

You need to install rfoo:

Some usage examples:

Basic examples

Run in parallel commands from test_parallel.input

cat test_parallel.input | ./ -i /dev/stdin

Same than before but with a progress bar

cat test_parallel.input | ./ -i /dev/stdin -v

Run in parallel commands from test_parallel.input and store output in output.log

./ -i test_parallel.input -o output.log

Same than before but with a user defined output printer

./ -i test_parallel.input -o output.log -p post_proc_example

real world usage example

  1. server side
./ -v -i -o par_many_commands.log -s
  1. client side, on each machine you want to join the computation replace SERVER_NAME by the machine name from where you launched using -s
  1. be thrilled! ;)
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