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jcdutton Add support for memory_struct.
This will be used to add stucture to memory layout.
Latest commit d7cc5fd Sep 2, 2018


This needs the following package installed:

This needs LLVM-4.0 installed.

To see current status do:
In the tree root, do:


make install

That will build and install the libs in /usr/local/lib/libbeauty

cd test

This will build the test programs dis32, dis64 and bf.

run "./dis64" to see the current working state.
dis64 takes, as input, a .o format file with filename "test.obj" and creates, as output, a .c file "test.c".

The current aim has been changed to the following:
1) Take a x86_64 binary .o file as input.
2) Create an equivalent LLVM IR .o as output.

Once the above works, the aims will be expanded to include:
1) Also support x86_32 binary .o file as input.
2) Also support ARM binary .o file as input.
3) Create .c source code files from the LLVM IR .o file.
4) Implement support for self modifying code.